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HR Solutions

Jinji allows you to fully outsource your Human Resources tasks for a flat monthly cost.


From developing complaint policies to speaking directly to employees, we don't just advise, we do the HR!


We oversee your onboarding and offboarding process, and other day-to-day HR needs, based on your specific organizational requirements. 


We provide HR compliance for all 50 states and will help you develop custom policies and procedures that meet your needs as well as regulation requirements. Worried about how to respond to EEOC?

How to discuss ADA accommodations with an employee?

We will do that too!


Want to ensure you are recruiting and retaining top talent? We will conduct compensation analysis for the position and market, help create bonus and incentive structure, as well oversee benefit enrollments alongside your broker.

Performance Management

From performance evaluation systems to discipline procedures, we will help ensure consistent and constructive performance management practices.




Do you know you need good candidates, but you're not sure where to find them?

 Let us assist with your recruiting to help you fill open roles with the best team possible.


We will conduct your sexual harassment prevention training in accordance with state requirements, as well as develop and conduct additional trainings based on your specific needs. 

Trainings include: Safety, LGBTQIA+ Sensitivity, Diversity & Inclusion,

and much more!




Between COVID-19 safety requirements and OSHA compliance, we know business owners have their hands full.

We will help you create and maintain a safe workplace to meet both best business practice and legal compliance requirements.

Organizational Culture

From employee surveys to developing mission, vision and values, our team can help develop, improve, or sustain your ideal organizational culture.

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